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Media Centre With Digital Library

In order to make room for more discussions and awareness on social issues, we are planning to establish a media centre that will host seminars, symposiums and public awareness programmes. There will be a digital library to help research scholars, reading enthusiasts and common people to access varied content.

Artificial Intelligence Lab

The proposed Artificial Intelligence Lab will have all the modern and advanced technology for students to access and learn. There will be specialised short term courses conducted in Artificial Intelligence.

Residential school

The residential school is envisioned to be in line with the standards of popular international schools in India and abroad. Aimed at the holistic development and social empowerment of students, the school will have all the modern amenities

Advanced Polytechnic Institute

The proposed Advanced Polytechnic Institute will oFFer medical device development course besides the regular courses. Medical device development being an emerging sector with lot of career scope, we will be proving quality education and training in the sector.

Foreign Language Institute

The proposed Foreign Language Institute aims to provide quality training in various languages such as French, German, Japanese etc. Those who are planning to study or migrate to different countries can make use of this great opportunity to study the language from expert trainers.

Social Empowerment Schemes

We have plans to set up various small scale home-centred job-oriented schemes for the less fortunate people in the country. With the aim of providing regular employment opportunity to the less-privileged, socially backward and different-abled people, these small scale units will focus on sustainable development with less environment impact.